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MesajKonu: Hacklenmeler!!   8th Ocak 2008, 4:51 pm

Hacks! Please beware.

As many of you are aware, we have suffered instability and connectivity issues over the past several weeks. As promised, we have been working around the clock to resolve these issues.

One thing that has been made apparent is that our KOL Community as a whole is under serious attack, and we wanted to warn you now before your computers become compromised and/or damaged.

Hackers out there are doing everything possible to stop your gaming experience in hope that you will join their fake, pirated servers and download what they are advertising as "tools" to enhance your login and gaming status. What will really happen to you (trust me we just verified this) is you will download Virus and Trojan software that is very hard to detect, which will not only steal your password and other information on your computer, but will also fully compromise your system so that it can be used to hack other computers and networks.

We are aware of these hack tools and supposed pirate servers, so while we deal with them, (trust me they will be gone soon) we ask you to please do not be fooled into clicking on any phony links to any special KOL websites or download any "special" Knight Online tools that are out there on hack sites or the internet in general.

Remember that K2 is a company that is striving to bring you the best Knight Online gaming experience possible. Anything else out there is just trying to steal your account information and anything else of value that is in your computer.

There are some great, free software out there that you can get to help detect and get rid of illegal programs that you may have downloaded onto your computer:

Anti-Virus solutions: (tested to be safe and work effectively)

Trend Micro Housecall

Avira AntiVir


PandaSoft (free online scan)

Thank you so much for your patience during this crazy time, and we see you online soon!

Knight Online

Daimon Family Master

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